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How to send svn diff to meld

Tweet On one hand meld provides a nice GUI to visualise the differences between 2 files. On the other hand, with SVN diff command, you can obtain the differences between 2 versions of the same file so you end up … Continue reading

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Setup a server on your raspberryPi

Tweet This is a summary of what I did to setup a server on my raspberry Pi. This is based on previous post on the same topic and this link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Web-Server/ Before starting, make sure that your raspberry software are … Continue reading

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Installing JPype to use Java from Python

Tweet JPype is a Python package that allows you to call Java from Python. First, download the zip file (I got version I will use a virtual environment here, so the syntax is simply:

It may work out … Continue reading

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How to get processor information (linux)

Tweet Simply type

You can also try

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installing rpy2 with different R version already installed

Tweet The easiest way to install a python package is to use easy_install (or pip), so to install rpy2, type: easy_install rpy2 To test that it is properly installed, type: import rpy2; from rpy2 import robjects; robjects.r(“version”) If this code … Continue reading

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SVN properties

Tweet SVN allows to store some useful keywords which can be set, the value of which will be substituted for ‘tags’ in the file itself. For instance, if the Id keyword is set, place this line in your code

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ssh on remote host without typing the password

Tweet When you connect to a remote host with SSH, you need to enter the password, which can be cumbersome on the long term when connections are frequent. Here is a solution to make the connection automatic. First, if not … Continue reading

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Fedora: how to add a sudo user (and avoid password)

Tweet How to add a user in the sudo list If you need to type commands using sudo, you will soon be tired to enter the sudo password again and again. Here are the steps to add a user in … Continue reading

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How to create an ISO image from a Folder (linux)

Tweet Under Linux, you can create an ISO image from a folder using a command line argument with the mkisofs tools. The following example creates an ISO image suitable to be used under Windows: mkisofs -J -l -R -V “Label … Continue reading

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VirtualBox (installation on Fedora 14)

Tweet I was trying to install VirtualBox using the yumex Fedora tool (or yum) but I was getting dependencies errors. Moreover, it was as if it was not installed, whereas the executable was available. This may have been a previous … Continue reading

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