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conda and bioconda channel

Anaconda ( https://www.continuum.io/downloads ) provides a Python distribution with more than 400 of the most popular Python packages for science, math, engineering, and data analysis. Anaconda installs an executable called conda that will be your entry point. Anaconda solves two … Continue reading

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Installing Python2.6 in a virtual environment

First, install python2.6 executable. see previous post if you have issues when compiling (gcc not found). Make sure you have installed python-dev with apt-get or yum. Then, following the instructions on the same topic but for Python 3 in a … Continue reading

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Installing another Python version into virtualenv

The idea is that we do not want to install a new version of Python on the system (e.g., for testing purpose), which may interfere with your entire distribution. Instead, we want to create a virtual environment with virtualenv tool. … Continue reading

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Installing JPype to use Java from Python

JPype is a Python package that allows you to call Java from Python. First, download the zip file (I got version I will use a virtual environment here, so the syntax is simply: cd /home/user/Downloads # path where the … Continue reading

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installing rpy2 with different R version already installed

The easiest way to install a python package is to use easy_install (or pip), so to install rpy2, type: easy_install rpy2 To test that it is properly installed, type: import rpy2; from rpy2 import robjects; robjects.r(“version”) If this code works, … Continue reading

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What is Virtualenv

Virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments. Its usage could be very useful when dependencies and versions are tricky. Imagine you have an application that needs version 1 of a library, but another application requires version 2. If … Continue reading

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