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packet_write_wait: Connection to XXX : Broken pipe

In general, I can connect to a remote machine via SSH without any troubles but occasionally in some particular setup, although I can connect to the remote machine and type commands in a shell, the connection is broken after a … Continue reading

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Running SSH commands (remotely)

Consider a login on ta Host machine. To run a command (let us try a simple ls to list the current directory), just type: ssh -X login@IPhostMachine lsssh -X login@IPhostMachine ls In practice, commands are longer and you would rather … Continue reading

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ssh on remote host without typing the password

When you connect to a remote host with SSH, you need to enter the password, which can be cumbersome on the long term when connections are frequent. Here is a solution to make the connection automatic. First, if not already … Continue reading

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scp does not work: wrong bashrc

When I tried to use scp to copy a file on a distant machine: scp -v filename username@xxx.xxx.xxx:/home/usernamescp -v filename username@xxx.xxx.xxx:/home/username it looked as if the SCP command works but the file is not copied. The interactive option (-v) does … Continue reading

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