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SVN properties

Tweet SVN allows to store some useful keywords which can be set, the value of which will be substituted for ‘tags’ in the file itself. For instance, if the Id keyword is set, place this line in your code

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python: how to flatten a nested list

Tweet Simple nested list of strings Suppose that you have a simple nested list. Simple in the sense that there is only one level:

you can use the operator module and reduce built-in function as follows

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ssh on remote host without typing the password

Tweet When you connect to a remote host with SSH, you need to enter the password, which can be cumbersome on the long term when connections are frequent. Here is a solution to make the connection automatic. First, if not … Continue reading

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vim usage: wrapping, spelling, completion, indentation, …

Tweet code folding To fold a number of lines (5 for example) press zf5j. To fold code within curly brackets use za The folded lines will be replaced in the buffer with a line that looks like:

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