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Python: how to share a local directory on the web

A simple way to share a local directory on internet (temporarily) can be performed with Python. First, go to the directory you want to share and then type: [admin@localhost Work] python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7000 Serving HTTP on port 7000 … Continue reading

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Malloc and Casting

In C, the malloc function is used to allocate memory. Its prototype is: void *malloc(size_t size);void *malloc(size_t size); It returns a void pointer (void *), which indicates that it is a pointer to a region of unknown data type therefore … Continue reading

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vim: replace tabs by spaces

In the vim editor, the default behaviour of the tab key is to print a tab … not surprising. When coding, you may prefer tab to be replaced by spaces (because this is your coding style for instance). This feature … Continue reading

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Allocation 2D arrays in C (and freeing memory)

By convention, when dealing with 2D array, the first dimension refer to the rows, and the second to the columns. To create a 2D array (double pointer) in C, you first create a 1D array of pointers (rows), and then, … Continue reading

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