Mount Android folder under linux (fedora)

If you have an Android and you want to access its folder from Linux, or you simply want to copy some data from your computer to your android, then you will need to find a mechanism to connect them. Under Linux, that mechanism is called mounting. Mounting a partition is not always easy, but with modern Linux distribution such as Fedora and Ubuntu, it is now straightforward: te desktop will create a new icon when it founds a new USB connection.

So, naively I thought that by connecting the Android with its USB cable to the computer would do the job. Que neni, no new icon. After a while I remembered that there was a sub menu related to USB in the parameter section of the Android applications. And here it is, you must change the USB properties.

So, in the Android go to Home–>Menu–>Parameters–>About this phone–>USB parameters

By default, Samsung Kies is selected. What it means is that if you connect your Android to the PC, you will simply recharge the battery. That’s not what you want. Instead, select Mass storage.

Wait a moment. A new icon (left top corner) appears telling you that you are now using the USB to connect your Android Folder on you PC. Go to this icon. You should get a new window asking you if you want to mount it. Say yes of course.

Then, under your Linux box should appear the Android icon.

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    Este es el mejor consejo sobre este tema y se ha abordado en forma noble

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