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HTML: how to insert HTML code in a verbatim tag <pre>

One issue with verbatim tag in HTML (<pre>) is that any HTML code included within the special characters < and > will be interpreted as HTML code despite the usage of a verbatim environment. So, if you include HTML code … Continue reading

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English Grammar: Apostrophes in Possessives

Here is a short summary of English grammar about apostrophes. It is based upon a video by a native english speaker, so I assume it is correct. Use an ‘s for singular nouns even if it ends with an s: … Continue reading

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Python list: difference between append and extend

When manipulating lists, you have access to two methods called append() and extend(). The former appends an object to the end of the list (e.g., another list) while the latter appends each element of the iterable object (e.g., another list) … Continue reading

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Firefox and Linux box slow

Under different version of Linux Fedora box, I’ve noticed that Firefox is far slower than under Windows box. After some googling, a suggested solution is to disable the IPv6 option Under firefox: type “about:config” in a new tab as a … Continue reading

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