English Grammar: Apostrophes in Possessives

Here is a short summary of English grammar about apostrophes. It is based upon a video by a native english speaker, so I assume it is correct.

  • Use an ‘s for singular nouns even if it ends with an s:
    • people’s vote
    • James’s shoes
  • Use an apostrophe without s for possessives of most plural nouns except if the plural does not end in s
    • Children’s parents
    • waiters’ aprons (no s after the apostroph!)
    • the Joneses’ house
    • the Simpsons’ house (If their surname is Simpson without s)
  • Xerses’ shoes (no s for names related to mythology…)
  • Use an Apostrophe with -s When Two or More Nouns Possess the Same Thing but note the difference between:
    • Emma and Nicole’s school project (Emma and Nicole worked together on the same project)
    • Tim’s and Marty’s ice cream (Each boy has his own ice cream.)
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