git : How to remove a big file wrongly committed

I added a large file to a git repository (102Mb), commited and push and got an error due to size limit limitations on github

remote: error: GH001: Large files detected. You may want to try Git Large File Storage -
remote: error: Trace: 7d51855d4f834a90c5a5a526e93d2668
remote: error: See for more information.
remote: error: File coverage/sensitivity/simulated.bed is 102.00 MB; this exceeds GitHub's file size limit of 100.00 MB

Here, you see the path of the file (coverage/sensitivity/simualted.bed).

So, the solution is actually quite simple (when you know it): you can use the filter-branch command as follows:

git filter-branch --tree-filter 'rm -rf path/to/your/file' HEAD
git push
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  1. Drdrej says:

    thank you!

  2. Nikiya Simpson says:

    You don’t know how much I appreciate this! I’m glad I found you on google.

  3. Thanks a lot, another life saved. Just want to add that I hat to put the command ‘rm -rf path/to/your/file’ between double quotes “rm -rf path/to/your/file”

  4. Anonymous says:

    That did it, thanks so much!

  5. Filipe Fenrich says:

    Thank u very much!!

  6. milad khanmohammadi says:

    so many thanks, you fixed my problem.
    i really appreciate you

  7. Ravi says:

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  8. Samuel James says:

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  9. Tony Nguyen says:

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  10. Borat says:

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  12. Brad says:

    If it is a shared repo, you should consider the following before doing this:

    WARNING! The rewritten history will have different object names for all the objects and will not converge with the original branch. You will not be able to easily push and distribute the rewritten branch on top of the original branch. Please do not use this command if you do not know the full implications, and avoid using it anyway, if a simple single commit would suffice to fix your problem. (See the “RECOVERING FROM UPSTREAM REBASE” section in git-rebase[1] for further information about rewriting published history.)

  13. Vinicius says:

    OMG! You can’t imagine how long I took to come to your post.
    I deleted my files with git rm, I almost have a heart attack when I did it.
    Then I recovered the files with pycharm and tried so many things till getting to this post that solved all my problems!


  14. lil uzi vert says:

    this saved my life! no cap

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  16. Arif says:

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  18. MW says:

    Note that if your original commit and push with the large files was done with unresolved changes, you will not be able to use this git filter-branch solution directly. You will need to first add and commit all untracked or modified objects, or you will need to add those to .gitignore. Once done the steps above will work.

  19. Anonymous says:

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  22. G P says:

    Thanks a lot. Much more appreciated. 5 stars solution.

  23. Anonymous says:

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  24. Ab says:

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    solved my problem

  25. Anand says:

    This Works fine. 100% solution

  26. Meena says:

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  27. samik says:

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  28. Grateful Guy says:

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  29. Anonymous says:

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  30. AIK says:

    Thank you so much. I have some big test golden files that I forget that are too big. So I always have problems with committing them by mistake.
    Your solution saved me so much time

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou very much!!!

  32. Naveen says:

    just worked like charm, thank you

  33. Anonymous says:

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  34. Imad Najmi says:

    Thanks Works!

  35. anonymous says:

    god bless you my friend, helped me with easy solution after half a day of surfing web

  36. Tmarks says:

    Thank you so much. Finally this fixed an issue i had tried countless other ways!

  37. Anonymous says:

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