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Open VID file in VirtualBox

Tweet I’ve been using VirtualBox for a few years mostly to test software on different distributions. This is really a great tool really easy to use. I usually get an ISO file from a distribution (e.g. Fedora) and install it … Continue reading

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VirtualBox: how to share a folder between Linux and a Windows virtual disk

Tweet Let us suppose you have a Linux platform and that you have created a Windows virtual box (let us call it Windows). Now, what you would like is to be able to access to a Linux folder from your … Continue reading

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VirtualBox (installation on Fedora 14)

Tweet I was trying to install VirtualBox using the yumex Fedora tool (or yum) but I was getting dependencies errors. Moreover, it was as if it was not installed, whereas the executable was available. This may have been a previous … Continue reading

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