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okular: export annotations in the PDF file

Tweet One open source software to add annotations under Linux is okular (https://okular.kde.org/). One can add annotations easily (go to Tools, tick review, or just type F6). Then, it is time to save your document or to send it to … Continue reading

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How to generate a PDF reference of an R package

Tweet If you have the Rd files in a man directory, then in a shell command, you can use this command:

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pdf2ps font issues

Tweet Sometimes, when converting a PDF file to a PS file using ps2pdf, some fuzzy fonts may appear. A solution is to provide the fonts within the documents by using:

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Convert documents into PDF with conv2pdf

Tweet Sometimes, you want to convert a document into a PDF and there is no such options in you preferred software. For instance, in OpenOffice you have the save option as PDF, so there is no problem here. However, in … Continue reading

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