Convert documents into PDF with conv2pdf

Sometimes, you want to convert a document into a PDF and there is no such options in you preferred software. For instance, in OpenOffice you have the save option as PDF, so there is no problem here. However, in some other software (I won’t give any name; I let you guess) it is not always possible. More generally, let us say that the output is buggy. I had the case where links were not rendered probably. In such situations, you want to use an external tool. I tried to convert in postscript and then to use tools such as ps2pdf. Again, there were rendering issues. So, I looked around on the web and found conv2pdf . It provides a very simple interface to convert documents into PDF. I have used it a few times and it was just brilliant, in particular for the links.

Of course dedicated software such as OpenOffice becomes better and better. Links were working well the last time I used them. But just in case, it is good to know that this service exists and works.

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