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Installing another Python version into virtualenv

The idea is that we do not want to install a new version of Python on the system (e.g., for testing purpose), which may interfere with your entire distribution. Instead, we want to create a virtual environment with virtualenv tool. … Continue reading

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How to add badges in your pypi project

1. pypi badge To get the pypi badge, go to https://badge.fury.io/for/py page and enter the name of a valid package. Select the code you’d like to insert into your documentation (e.g., RST) and you check get a image like this: … Continue reading

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Migrating from a Subversion repository to GitHub

I’ve just moved a SVN repository to github. I was a bit afraid of spending time and lost the history but fortunately, I came upon this great post http://www.samaxes.com/2013/11/move-from-svn-to-git/ , followed the instructions and it worked almost like a charm. … Continue reading

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