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Open VID file in VirtualBox

I’ve been using VirtualBox for a few years mostly to test software on different distributions. This is really a great tool really easy to use. I usually get an ISO file from a distribution (e.g. Fedora) and install it within … Continue reading

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matplotlib: difference between pcolor, pcolormesh and imshow

If you have a matrix and want to plot its content as an image, matplotlib provides some functions such as imshow and pcolor. c Differences between imshow and pcolor Let us use a simple 3 by 3 matrix and call … Continue reading

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Python editor

The general purpose tool I used for edition is vim… I know, this is not very friendly but to edit a couple of files, it’s fast to start, fast to edit, has completion and much more. Yet, sometimes, a dedicated … Continue reading

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Accessing UniProt with Python

BioServices provide an easy way to access UniProt In a previous post, I provided a simple example, reproduced here below, but in this post I also provide the link to a ipython notebook I’ve just created, which contains much more … Continue reading

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pandas.read_csv: how to skip empty lines

Let us suppose that we start with a CSV file that has empty rows: A, B, C   1, 2, 3A, B, C 1, 2, 3 If you read this file with Pandas library, and look at the content of … Continue reading

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