Profiling Python with valgrind

1. Under Linux, install valgrind as follows (Fedora):

sudo yum install valgrind kcachegrind

and pyprof2calltree:

pip install pyprof2calltree

2. create a Python script (let us call it
3. Create the file containing the profile information using valgrind/callgrind

python -m cProfile  -o profile_data.pyprof
pyprof2calltree -i profile_data.pyprof  # this converts the stats into a callgrind format

4. Visualisation

kcachegrind profile_data.pyprof.log

Alternatively, for visualisation, you can also use gprof2dot and graphviz (dot): --format=callgrind profile_data.pyprof.log
dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg
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