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svn: can’t upgrade

I’ve recently update my distribution and copied back an old SVN repo into the new distributio. This led to issues with respect to different SVN version. The old one used SVN 1.6 and the new one is 1.7 In general, … Continue reading

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VIM : copy and paste reformats the text with lots of spaces

When I paste a piece of code or text from a copy (or the clipboard), lots of extra spaces are added at the start of each new line. The solution is to turn off the autoindent: :set paste:set paste After … Continue reading

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Fedora 19 post installation

Another failed upgrade from Fedora… This time while upgrading from release 15 to 16. Although, I followed the instructions from Fedora web site, I ultimately end up (after a reboot) with a grub prompt. Quite dreadful. After a few hours … Continue reading

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How to mount Sony NWZ walkman under Fedora

I recently bought a mp3/video SONY NWZ walkman (one of B172F or B173F). I plugged in the USB into the computer but it was not detected. It does not appear on the desktop and cannot be seen in a shell … Continue reading

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