If you start to use python, just install ipython to ease your life by having a more interactive python shell.


A nice feature in the ability to embed matplotlib plot. Start with this option:

Another great new tool is the notebook within a web interface a la mathematica/sage

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  1. To embed the plot,
    ipython qtconsole –pylab inline
    leave off the inline, and the plot pops up in a normal matplotlib window.

    Another nifty item, one can right click on a matplotlib plot window under KDE once you’ve got it sized and positioned on your screen, and (it’s one reason I use kde over gnome)
    select Advanced-> Special Application Settings and then configure the window under the Size & Position tab to Apply Initially for both the Size and the Position ckeckboxes. From then on (till you change it similarly) matplotlib windows will open in the position and with the size you selected.

    • admin says:

      I’ve added the missing “–pylab inline” arguments and thanks for the tips related to size and position.

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