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graphviz plot without graphviz…

Graphviz is a standard tools that is used to create images of graphs (see The graph are described thanks to a language. For instance the graph represented in the following image would be represented as A -> B B … Continue reading

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How to plot left and right axis with matplotlib

Sometimes, it is convenient to plot 2 data sets that have not the same range within the same plots. One will use the left y-axes and the other will use the right y-axis. With matplotlib, you need to create subplots … Continue reading

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How to call R plotting function from python using rpy2

Python has already very good librairies from plotting (e.g., matplotlib, mayavi), however, it is sometimes useful to use some of the plotting functionalities offered by R. Thanks to the rp2 package, it is quite easy. Let us try to use … Continue reading

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