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If you start to use python, just install ipython to ease your life by having a more interactive python shell. A nice feature in the ability to embed matplotlib plot. Start with this option: ipython qtconsole -pylab inlineipython qtconsole … Continue reading

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linux: How do I know the number of memory cards

The dmidecode command dumps lots of information about your system. The option memory gives you details about your memory card. In particular how many are installed (e.g., 2x2Gb or 1x 4Gb) sudo dmidecode -t memorysudo dmidecode -t memory

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VIM: switch all text to lower case

You can change the case of a character by typing ~ , however, if you want to change all text to the same case (let us say lower case here), then you should enter the visual mode. Go to the … Continue reading

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How to embedded data files in python using setuptools

Within a Python package, it is useful to provide data files. These files are not python modules so you do not want to place same together with your module. Let us put them in a directory share/data. Suppose you have … Continue reading

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