Updated wordpress version crashed the wp-admin access

From the wordpress admin interface, I updated the plugins and the wordpress to 5.2.2 but ot this unplesant error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/xxxx/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/googleanalytics/class/Ga_Admin.php on line 375

Consequently, I could not access to the admin site of my wordpress blog.

I decided to contact my provider (OVH) and got responsive answer. After many years using the wordpress that was the first time I had this kind of issue so getting a quick answer was a relief.

The apparent culprit was the google analytics plugin. The solution was to rename the plugin into a dumm one while fixing the main issue (see later).

Using an ftp access to the blob, once connected:

cd  wwww
cd blog
cd wp-content
cd plugins
rename googleanalytics googleanalytics.0

Then, I update the wordpress to 5.2.2 and was first planned and then I entered in many more issues. Indeed, I had to update the php version to 7.3 and then, many plugins were not compatible anymore.

In particular, the plugin crayon syntax highligher, is not compatible anymore. So I had to remove it.

Then, I moved back the google analytics plugin into its original name and everything was working again (more or less).

reference (infrench): https://community.ovh.com/t/plus-dacces-admin-au-compte-wordpress-apres-update/20210

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