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R warnings when starting rpy2 and installation

Tweet On Fedora 15 When I start rpy2 using this command

I was getting these annoying warnings, which do not appear when starting a pure R session:

I decided to install the newest version of R (2.15.2), which … Continue reading

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Python header

Tweet This post is about what to put on top of your Python script. You may have seen Python script starting with something like:

and wonder what it is useful for or do you need it. The first line … Continue reading

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R language: object oriented programming

Tweet I’m used to object oriented programming in languages such as C++ and Python and I should say that the R syntax is not the most intuitive I’ve seen. Besides, it is quite difficult to find a good documentation about … Continue reading

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Configuring wireless under RaspberryPi xbmc

Tweet Here are the instructions to configure a wireless (belkin). Most of the instructions were found in the reference [1] but I got some issues with the wicd-curses installation, for which there is a solution later in this post. First, … Continue reading

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