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RPM usage

In order to check which version of a RPM package is installed, type (e.g., for the motif package): rpm -qa | egrep ‘motif’rpm -qa | egrep ‘motif’

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HTML: how to include another HTML file

To include another HTML document within a n HTML document, use this command: <! –#include virtual="temp.xml"–><! –#include virtual="temp.xml"–> the main HTML file should have a shtml extension.

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Differences between Class and ID in CSS style

The key thing is that an ID identifies a specific element within a page and therefore must be unique. Classes mark elements as members of a group and can be used multiple times. So why not always using Class over … Continue reading

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stty command and prompt issue

Under Linux, the sheel command (or prompt) may behave strangly after some unusual command. I do not have any example off hand but typically, the escape key will not work anymore, or special characters. In the worst case what you … Continue reading

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Photos from Devon, UK

[coolEye search=Devon2011 how=album puser=cokelaer width=500 height=500 source=picasa]

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