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git and github : skip password typing with https

Tweet If you clone a github repository using the https:// method (instead of ssh), you will have to type your username and passwor all the time. In order to avoid having to type you password all the time, you can … Continue reading

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failed to convert from cram to bam (parse error CIGAR character)

Tweet In order to convert a bioinformatic file from CRAM to BAM format, I naively used the samtools command available on a cluster but got this error:

After a few commands trying to fix the issue, I realised that … Continue reading

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How to mount and create a partition on a hard drive dock (fedora)

Tweet I got a new hard drive (2.7Tb) but wanted to use it with a docking station. Here are the steps required to use it under my Fedora box. First, I naively went into the Nautilus File Browser hoping to … Continue reading

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AWK: convert into lower or upper cases

Tweet In order to convert a bash variable to lower case with awk, just use this command:

If you want to convert the content of a file (called data.csv) to lower case:

Of course to convert into upper … Continue reading

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