How to update a forked repository (github)

I followed those steps and it worked like a charm using github interface assuming there was no changes between the fork and main repository

  • Open your fork on GitHub.
  • Click on Pull Requests.
  • Click on New Pull Request.
    By default, GitHub will compare the original with your fork (there shouldn’t be anything different)
  • Click on switching the base (if no changes were made in the fork) or click Edit and switch the base manually.
    Now GitHub will compare your fork with the original, and you should see all the latest changes.
  • Click on Click to create a pull request for this comparison (set name to something like “Update from original”).
  • Click on Send pull request.
  • Scroll down and click Merge pull request and finally Confirm merge. You will be able to merge the request automatically.

reference: how-to-update-github-forked-repository

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  1. Peter says:

    Thank you for a short but very informative post. I am, myself, new to Git and GitHub. However, I find that version control has many potentials. Both for programming and other stuff. Again, Thank you for your post.

    In what ways do you use git?

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