corrplot function in Python

We’ve implemented a corrplot function in Python, which is available in BioKit package

– github
– pypi

For illustration, let us create some random data sets:

The correlation matrix is stored in the Pandas dataframe called df. It is now straightforward to create some nice plots:


See this notebook for more examples.

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4 Responses to corrplot function in Python

  1. Dear Thomas,
    I am a researcher working in Oceanography. I find the corrplot very usefull, May I know if there is a way to mark the significance like in the case of R. corrplot?

  2. Anonymous says:

    how could I save the figure into a file such as png or pdf?

    • From matplotlib, use the savefig command:

      from pylab import savefig

      You can set the resolution in dpi:

      savefig("example.png", dpi=200)

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