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Pandas dataframe: grouping column by name

Tweet Let us consider this data set in CSV format:

The problem is to read the data and average the columns that have the same name. You can read the CSV file with pandas.read_csv function or build the data … Continue reading

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Starting to use Python Pandas library

Tweet Pandas is brilliant. If you are looking to manipulate data in Python, use it. I am refactoring most of my codes with this library. It provides many useful data structures to manipulate data in 2, 3, 4 dimensions and … Continue reading

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Reading Nikkon Raw image with Gimp plugin UFRaw

Tweet I recently started to play with RAW images on a Nikkon camera. The first issue was that gimp could open the images but only in a kind of thumbnail version. Browsing around it looks like one tool to read … Continue reading

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pandas import fails with ImportError: cannot import name hashtable

Tweet Import of pandas raises the following error:

Starting a python session, I typed

and got this new message:

The issue was thast the wrong version of numpy was picked up: I ws in a virtual environement … Continue reading

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