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SVN: how to clean up a directory from unversioned files

Tweet Here is the command to delete all the files in a SVN directory that are not in the SVN server repository. The first part (svn status) returns all files with the ? tag (meaning they don’t belong to the … Continue reading

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R package dependencies: difference between imports, depends, suggests, enhances

Tweet When you want to assemble R codes into a package, you will need to write a file called DESCRIPTION. This file contains some metadata and keywords to be used and some keywords are definitely confusing (at least to me). … Continue reading

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Python: list of empty lists creates references not copy

Tweet In Python, you can create a list with an element repeated N times quite easily with the following syntax:

Here we create a list with a simple element (1) not an object. As soon as you manipulate objects, … Continue reading

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GIT tutorial

Tweet I finally decided to use GIT for one of my new project. I know this sounds odd given that everybody nowadays seems to use it… Having used SVN for a while the transition should be smooth though. There are … Continue reading

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Entropy and information

Tweet In everyday parlance, entropy refers to the inevitable deterioration of a system (including a society). As you may remember from a physics course, there is a far more formal definition that originates from thermodynamics. I’ll spare you the equation … Continue reading

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